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Photo&Film Expo 2011

It was a let down (although I did learn quite a few tricks for photoshop!!). I took my camera along in the hope of there being lots to photograph – – – but nevertheless!! The lenses weren’t really cheaper than when you buy it in the shops (which was what I was after!), but as I say, it wasn’t a complete let-down!

It was held in the Coca-Cola dome in Johannesburg! For those of you who don’t know what it looks like… It is a HUGE dome… a self-supported dome!! Most people don’t/won’t realize how awesome this structure really is (but from an engineering view-point… AWESOME!! 😀 )… So I am always excited to get to see this structure… it never gets old!

These are panorama compiled from the same photographs – – – I let it stitch two different ways (the difference should be obvious)… Each one conveying the enormity of a different aspect!!

I was not planning on doing anything with these photos (else I would have taken enough to complete the roof structure!)! I took it out of complete boredom… & not to waste carrying my camera along with me for the day!! 😉

Structure makes it worth it!! 😀 **

Oh the little joys of life!!!

I do not know how many of you would understand the joy of how a dishwasher can change your life… I am almost 25 years old & have always had to wash the dishes in the sink, with my own hands!! A dishwasher is a luxury — and oh such a lovely one at that!! 🙂 And on this day that is today, me and the-one-who-thinks-he’s-boss experienced the joy of having a machine do our work!!! Pure bliss… 😀 Got to love technology!!

Our dishwashers first load cycle time!!! Soooooo excited!!!! 🙂

If you don’t have a dishwasher yet — go get one and stop being jealous of me!!! &if you do have one, I hope I reminded you of what an awesome difference this makes in your life… hhmmmm!!!!