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Vienna, Austria – Votivkirche

Votivkirche – December 2004

According to Wikipedia: “…The Votive Church, is one of the most important neo-Gothic religious architectural sites in the world…”

Well…. it certainly made an impression on me way back in 2004!!!

What do you think?? Quite impressive right?? 🙂 **

Vienna, Austria – Minoriten Kirche

One of my fondest memories of Austria, was visiting the Minoriten Kirche!!! It was huge – impressively massive!!! But what was very special (and overwhelmingly beautiful), was the mosaic copy of Leonardo da Vinci’s “The Last Supper“…

I am going to share this masterpiece in a next post – I’ll include some yummy info and everything… 😉 But today I want to share with you a photo that (almost) conveys the size of this Minoriten Kirche…

Minoriten Kirche – December 2004

This is indeed a vertical panorama – I apologise for the obvious stitching (best I could do with the old photos I’ve got 😉 …), but I think you can get the idea… My mom & her friend is standing bottom left – just to put things into perspective!! 😀 **

Vienna, Austria – Majestic Stephansdom

Wow… I have been lacking in posts the last month!!! Have been crazy busy at work, been organising our Canada trip (which by the way – we are flying of to tomorrow evening!! 😀 ), but ever since we switched off our satellite television (way proud of us!!!…), we have been keeping busy with other stuff – rather than technology stuff!!! 🙂 My apologies!!! 🙂

Tonight, I am sharing the awesomely majestic Stephansdom Cathedral in Austria!!! This is a seriously impressive building in the middel of Vienna!!! It towers above the other buildings!!! & has a very gothic feel to it!!! But is is impressive (times 17 000!!! 😉 )…

Stephansdom Cathedral – December 2004

So, that’s all I have time for tonight – have to go and pack for the awesome trip to Edmonton, Canada that lies ahead!!! 😀 It is an almost 24hr trip 😦 but looking very much forward to the week ahead!!! & I’ll be coming back with lots of photos & hopefully unforgettable memories to share with you!!! 🙂 **

Vienna, Austria – Sculpture Detail

Travel Lane memory!!! 🙂 We’re back in Austria… Seems like only yesterday that I was astonished by the amount of detail that were in these sculptures… How I long to go back!!!  I still have plenty of admiration to sprinkle over Vienna!!! 😉 **

December 2004