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Paris, France – Versailles Gardens

Visiting Versailles is such a special memory – although it was cold & misty on this day in December 2004 – it did not seize to take away the from the grand, majestic & royal air that Versailles presented to us that day!! 🙂

It amazed me that I could not see the end of the gardens – it was huge!! & beautiful… bustling with people & tourists!! The weather could not keep anyone away!!! 🙂

Endless stretch of Versailles gardens…

On our way to the train, after our visit to Versailles, me & my mom bought ourselves scarves at a vendor – I still wear it today!!! & each time I do – the memory of that day makes me smile – and wish to turn back time!!! 😀 **

Paris, France – Societe Generale

Yaaaaaayyyy… I love to post my Travel Lane memory!!! 😀 & tonight I’m returning to Paris!!! (Aaaaaahhhh…. Paris!!! 😉 )…

Societe Generale – December 2004

This is one of those memories that are truly significant in my (less than frequent) travelling… I don’t know why, but I remember this moment like it was yesterday!!! 🙂 Can someone please help me place this?? Is it near Galleries Lafayette?? If it is not, then maybe this moment have been mixed with another… 😦 because as I recall (from 8 years ago), this is very close to Galleries Lafayette!!! Keeping my fingers crossed that I remember correctly!!! 😀 **

Paris, France – Notre Dame Detail

I was not planning on doing my Travel Lane memory for the week today…. But yesterday I prepared a few photos & today Mary Jo from Let’s Face The Music did a post on a one of the same photos that I have prepared!!! 😀 That doesn’t happen everyday, so I decided to take it as a sign that I must do this post today!!! 🙂

Close-up of the detail of the Notre Dame – taken in 2004 with a 3MP Kodak digital compact…

The detail that this cathedral has is unimaginable & unthinkable!!! This specific photo captures the essence of it!!! Mary Jo did a great post today about these indescribably beautiful hinges… who built it… the mystery & myth behind it!!! Fascinating!!! You can see her photos & read her post The Mystery of the Hinges of Notre Dame!!! 😀 **

If you’ve visited the Notre Dame, what did you like about it??

Galeries Lafayette – Paris, France

This place was breathtaking!!! 😀 Overwhelming is an understatement!!! Luxury shopping on level upon level upon level of beauty!!! I just love this shot of the centre dome window with the Christmas decorations of 2004 hanging from the ceiling!!! Me & my mom walked in here for quite a while before heading back onto the streets of Paris!!

France – Champs Elysees!!!

Good Evening everyone!! It’s been quite a few days since my last post!! & I am excited to share with you my Travel Lane memory for the week!! 😀

I find myself once again in the situation where I can’t decide which photo I like best – – – So I am sharing both!! Not for you to choose, but because both are special in a different way!! This is the Champ Elysees at night (9 December 2004 at 18h50!) taken with a Kodak Easyshare CX7310 digital camera! I love the christmas lights in the colour… & I love the movement in the B/W !!! I hope you enjoy it as well!!!

Champs Elysees truly is a magical place over the Christmas period. Although we were only there for five days, it was addictive!! Me & my mom were out and about every night… (there was a fabulous candy store… ‘Glup’… such sweet memories!!!) 😉

I hope to return soon!!! 🙂 **