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A Holiday update from Stellenbosch!!!

Hi everyone!!! It has been quite a while since my last post… (like I knew it would be!!!) It is raining today, so decided it was a good time to catch up on some of your posts & see what I’ve been missing!!! Needless to say, with 78 emails, it has taken me a bit over 2 hours to work through all of them & I am glad to announce that I have caught up on everything that you have posted!!! 😀 I don’t have a planned post (obviously) but did want to let you all know – – – in short – – – what I’ve been doing these last couple of days!!! 😀

Me & ‘He-who-thinks-he’s-boss’ have had quite a trip…. we’ve already done 2300 km’s in only a week!!! 😀 Although it is vacation, we haven’t had much (or felt much) relaxation yet… 😦 – – – planning to do more of that in this coming week – – – We’ve driven over many mountain passes, camped at the foot of the Groot Swartberge, experienced disappointments, had a braai & year-end function with people (&now friends) from Stellenbosch, felt the fine beach sand between our toes….. oh I can go on quite a bit… 😉 Will of course be telling you all the stories (& sharing many photographs) once I get everything planned & sorted!!! 🙂

Second day on the (looooong) road!!!
It was windy & I was busy shooting a 360 panorama (which I will share in good time)…

 I have been following (for quite some time now) a blog called Artboy68Project. Artboy is a super talented artist & he is busy with a very interesting & extremely creative project. He calls it the ‘100 portraits in 20 weeks’ project – – – I don’t think I have to explain it as the name pretty much says exactly what the project entails!!! – – – In one of my many emails, artboy informed me that he has done my portrait… It is AWESOME!!!! 😀 Please go and have a look at it here… Also browse around his blog as he has a few upcoming similar projects & if you want to get involved (or rather, if you want to be included), drop him a comment & keep an eye on what he is planning or busy with at the moment!!! 🙂

Well, that is all for now… Drop me a comment (of you want!) & hopefully I will be posting an update again soon!!! Keep well, have a very merry Xmas (if I don’t drop in before then) & just have a jolly time over this festive season!!! 🙂