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My 101th Post!!! Ready For Christmas…

I was pretty bummed last night when I posted my post & saw that it was already my 100th post… 😦 I kind of thought that I would make my 100th special…. Nevertheless… I decided not to dwell on something I cannot change – – – I would just make this, my 101th post special!!! 😀

Me & ‘He-who-thinks-he’s-boss’ started a tradition yesterday by making our very own Christmas tree!!! I had an idea that I saw in a magazine somewhere & had all the necessary “ingredients” to be able to make it!!! (Of course with a few alterations…) 🙂

View from below… A few sticks, ceiling sealer stuffies, xmas lights & Voila!!! Our very own homemade Christmas Tree!!!
We used the Ceiling sealer stuffies to secure our sticks & also for a special type wintery decoration…
It still needs a Star or an Angel on top – – – we’re working on that!!!!

I also tried something last night that I have been wanting to try for AGES!!!!  – – – I created my own bokeh pattern!!! – – – I actually need a lens with a bigger f-stop to get this photo much better… – – – but for now… I was quite excited about what I was well able to achieve, wrong lens and all!!! I just love this…

My Star-bokeh Xmas Tree with He-who-thinks-he’s-boss lazing in front of it on the couch!!!

Ain’t it just super cute?? Now we are ready for Christmas celebrations with the people we love and the Presence & Love of Jesus Christ with us… Bring it on!!! 🙂 **

Are your Christmas trees up yet??