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London, UK – Big Ben

Big Ben 2004

I know… You’ve seen this a million times…. all the photos look the same… from this angle  everyone has seen it…!!! 😦 But it still is a special Travel Memory for me… & will always be one of my favourite attractions of London!!! 😀 It certainly is “engineery” enough to keep my attention!!! 😀

Cindy from ‘Photos from the Loony Bin’ did a post a while back with some VERY interesting facts on Big Ben (also known as the Clock Tower, but whos real name is St. Stephen’s Tower!!! – – – I know, what??? – – – Head on over to Cindy’s post for more info!!!) 🙂 **

I Love you Big Ben!!! 😉 **

Dubai, UAE – Airport Cranes

It’s Tuesday today & I haven’t posted a Travel Lane memory in AGES!!!

Well…. best I not waste any more time & make another contribution to my Travel Lane memories… 😉

This is an extremely significant photo in my life (& one of my favourites because of the sentiment behind it!!!) 🙂 Let me elaborate… This was on my very first trip overseas with my gorgeous mommy!!! We had a stop-over on Dubai International… At that time – 2004 – they were busy extending the already HUGE airport!!! It just so happens that our flight was leaving from that very last terminal (or close to last – can’t quite remember)… We noticed this view – – – & even then I knew this was significant – – – because have you EVER seen this many cranes on one construction site?? I certainly haven’t… & until this day me & my mom can remember how impressed I was with this!!! 😀

The view of hundreds of cranes!!!

Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating a teensy-weensy bit… 😉 But we did thereafter learn that that construction site on Dubai Airport holds the record for the most cranes on a single construction site – if I recall it was in the vicinity of 50 cranes 🙂 – told you it’s significant!!!

Might I also add…. this was my last holiday before starting at University!! At this time I was enrolled for Biological Sciences (wanted to become a physiotherapist!!)… It would only be a year later that I would change my degree & become a civil engineer!!! Me & my mom always joke that when we saw this site we should have known that I was going to study the wrong degree!!! 😀

In the end I got it right though!!! 🙂 **

Hofburg Palace Panorama, Vienna

This was crazy!!! As if the original palace wasn’t big enough, they had to build this additional wing to the Hofburg Palace in Vienna, Austria!! It is huge, it is beautiful, its culturally priceless – – – & it earns its majestic spot in this weeks Travel Lane post!!! – – – I can’t even imagine South Africa ever having treasures such as these!!! (but possibly I’m not objective in this opinion!!)

The Hofburg Palace

On the left of the building you can clearly see where the old & new building connect!! Gorgeous isn’t it?? You can’t see her, but my mom is inspecting a map on one of the benches on the right hand side!!

This was taken with my very old Kodak camera back in December 2004!!! 🙂 **

Whale Jaw on Schiermonnikoog!!!

It was taken December 2004 on the island, Schiermonnikoog!!!! Me & my mom visited our Netherland friends (Marieke & Marlies!!) for a few days & had a day trip to this small island North of the Netherlands. This is an authentic whale jaw – jaw-dropping right?? 😉 mind the pun!!! So awesome that it deserves this week’s spot for my Travel Lane journey!!!

From left: Marieke, Me & Marlies!!! 🙂

 ‘Twas an unforgettable day!!! 😀 **