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Catching up on a few awards!!!

I must say with shame that some wonderful bloggers have nominated me for a few awards some time ago… 😀 & I have not yet accepted these rewards (&thus not yet given credit where its due)…. 😦 So today, I’ll be doing some catching up!!! 😀

I’m not going to stay true to the rules… I am going to combine these awards into one post – My way!!! I hope you enjoy these blog as much as I enjoy reading them!!! 🙂

Firstly, thank you sooooooo much to Maxime from Mixxedtape & Leanne Cole from Leanne Cole’s Blog for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger award!!! 😀 I am soooooo sorry that it took me this long to respond!!! 😦 Today Maxime tells us about the crazy things her cat does… & Leanne reminisces in black & white!!! 🙂

Secondly, thank you so much to Impower You for nominating me for the Sunshine Blogger Award!!! 😀 This is the first time that I have received this award, so I decided to do the 10 compulsory questions & then instead of sharing ten blogs I like 🙂 – I’m only going to share a few!!! So please have a look at them all…. They really are worth it!!! 😀 **

Favourite colour: Blue
Favourite animal: Dog
Favourite number: 13 (No, it’s NOT an unlucky number!!! 😉 )
Favourite non-alcoholic drink: 100% fruit cocktail juice
Facebook or Twitter? Used to Facebook a lot (not anymore), also have a twitter (although I don’t quite understand the “language” 😀 )
My passion: Photography
Getting or giving presents? Both… I love receiving just as much as I love to give!!!
Favourite pattern: Who on earth has a favourite pattern?? 😉
Favourite day of the week: Saturday
Favourite flower: Oh my, there’s so many… I love a Tulip… Also crazy about a Daisy… Both so simple, yet soooooo beautiful!!!

My favourite Blogs (in no particular order) are:

Paris at my Doorstep

Totally Random Shez

This Man’s Journey

Photos from the Loonybin

Leanne Cole’s Blog

Duane Pandorf

Thirdly… Since I have already done a Versatile Award post, I tried to choose new blogs that I have since added to my favourites (so, if I haven’t chosen you – it’s not because I don’t love your blog anymore…. 🙂 ) All my previous choices remain… So if you’ve missed my first round of favourites, check them out here….

Fourthly… I am awarding all these blogs with the Sunshine Award!!! 😀

Hope you enjoy my posts & the blogs that I have shared here today!!! 🙂 **