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Pretoria Bus Station

I took a few photographs (from the car) of Pretoria Bus Station about two weeks ago! Decided today is a day to share them with you… Nothing great… Just a few randoms!!!

Victoria Hotel - Oldest Hotel in Pretoria (1894)

I had to crop out the bottom part of the photo because there was a car parked right in front of me!! – It is not a place where I can get out of the car & leave it unattended!!

Bus Stop

A couple of vendors & travellers

Not sure what this building is, but it is certainly older than the surrounding buildings

Like I said, nothing special… just a few snapshots of a quick trip to the Pretoria Bus Station… If you wondered, we had gone to pick someone up there – not just to get shots from inside the car!!!! 🙂 ** Hope you have a great last few hours of weekend!!!