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Exciting news!!!

Good evening everyone!!! I know I know – I’ve been veeeeeeery quiet the last couple of weeks 😦 – the reason being two-fold…

1. I’ve run out of photos & can’t seem to find the time to get out & take new ones to share with you!!! 😦 &

2. There has been a LOT happening – we have been keeping very busy!!!! 😉

… & on this point – WE (me & He-who-thinks-he’s-boss) have started a blog – (Almost) Living it up in Canada – you can view this here!!! 😀 Obviously it is still a very raw blog – a lot will change as we settle into it – but we wanted a place to document the exciting things that is happening in our lives!!! … 😉

I will keep on posting on this/my blog… Over the next couple of months I won’t be posting regularly at all – so much to organise & do!!! I trust you will understand!!!

Us being silly at a wedding!!!

Have a great evening everyone!!! Almost weekend & it’s gooooooood…. 😀 **

Mont Saint Michel – Dream Destination

It has been a very big dream of mine for a while now to visit Mont Saint Michel… Unfortunately I have not had that opportunity yet, but I do live this dream through other peoples blog posts, internet articles, photos etc.

Today, my fellow blogger, Rebecca did a post on her recent trip to Mont Saint Michel… If I might add, it is by far the best post I have read so far on Mont Saint Michel!! 🙂 She enlightens with tons of photos and interesting information!!!

I asked her permission to share this post with you – and she said – YES!!! So, enjoy… 😀 **

Reblogged from Paris at my doorstepMont Saint Michel

Photo courtesy of ‘Paris at my doorstep’ – Mont Saint Michel

Catching up on a few awards!!!

I must say with shame that some wonderful bloggers have nominated me for a few awards some time ago… 😀 & I have not yet accepted these rewards (&thus not yet given credit where its due)…. 😦 So today, I’ll be doing some catching up!!! 😀

I’m not going to stay true to the rules… I am going to combine these awards into one post – My way!!! I hope you enjoy these blog as much as I enjoy reading them!!! 🙂

Firstly, thank you sooooooo much to Maxime from Mixxedtape & Leanne Cole from Leanne Cole’s Blog for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger award!!! 😀 I am soooooo sorry that it took me this long to respond!!! 😦 Today Maxime tells us about the crazy things her cat does… & Leanne reminisces in black & white!!! 🙂

Secondly, thank you so much to Impower You for nominating me for the Sunshine Blogger Award!!! 😀 This is the first time that I have received this award, so I decided to do the 10 compulsory questions & then instead of sharing ten blogs I like 🙂 – I’m only going to share a few!!! So please have a look at them all…. They really are worth it!!! 😀 **

Favourite colour: Blue
Favourite animal: Dog
Favourite number: 13 (No, it’s NOT an unlucky number!!! 😉 )
Favourite non-alcoholic drink: 100% fruit cocktail juice
Facebook or Twitter? Used to Facebook a lot (not anymore), also have a twitter (although I don’t quite understand the “language” 😀 )
My passion: Photography
Getting or giving presents? Both… I love receiving just as much as I love to give!!!
Favourite pattern: Who on earth has a favourite pattern?? 😉
Favourite day of the week: Saturday
Favourite flower: Oh my, there’s so many… I love a Tulip… Also crazy about a Daisy… Both so simple, yet soooooo beautiful!!!

My favourite Blogs (in no particular order) are:

Paris at my Doorstep

Totally Random Shez

This Man’s Journey

Photos from the Loonybin

Leanne Cole’s Blog

Duane Pandorf

Thirdly… Since I have already done a Versatile Award post, I tried to choose new blogs that I have since added to my favourites (so, if I haven’t chosen you – it’s not because I don’t love your blog anymore…. 🙂 ) All my previous choices remain… So if you’ve missed my first round of favourites, check them out here….

Fourthly… I am awarding all these blogs with the Sunshine Award!!! 😀

Hope you enjoy my posts & the blogs that I have shared here today!!! 🙂 **

A fellow blogger’s unforgettable experience/achievement!!!

I was soooooo excited when I read Duane Pandorf’s blog post today!!!! He tells of his unforgettable-once-in-a-lifetime-experience… & yes… it is all that!!!! This photograph got chosen to be the August photograph for the Ricoh Calender (an award which he won through their 11th Annual Ricoh Photo Competition)!!!! But read more of his experience by following this link:

Day 37 | 2012 Ricoh Ring Cube Visit

Congrats Duane!!!! What an achievement!!!! 😀 **

London, UK – Marble Arch

I have been super neglecting my blog & posts these last couple of weeks… For all of you who are following my randomness – – – I truly am sorry – – – 😦 It is not due to the fact that I don’t want to, but rather that I seem to be super busy!!! I have a few posts that I am planning to post (& that I need to post), & I’ll make a promise that these will follow on a more regular basis for the next week (at least)…

I usually don’t promise a post (because I never know what tomorrow holds…), BUT…

I promise I’ll be doing my Liebster award post tomorrow!!! 😀 So, please tune in for some serious new/unexplored blogs tomorrow(evening) 🙂 ** Super excited about it!!!

For tonight though…. my weekly Travel Lane post!!! If you have missed the previous posts – just click on the link to have a look!!!! For tonight I am sharing my Marble Arch (London, UK) moment with you!!! I have always loved this shot – It was taken with my (then) brand new Samsung digital compact!!! – – – Handheld!!! 😀

It was taken quite late at night on an evening in December 2006!!! Me & my (ex 😉 ) boyfriend have been exploring London literally the entire day, & the feeling of our extreme tiredness will (I think…) forever be branded in my memory!!! 😀

Marble Arch – Long Exposure!!!

Hope you all had a great weekend!!! Mine was (again) super busy, but as always welcomed!!! Looking forward to ending this week – then it’s off on holiday until after new year!!! Super excited to go to Cape Town & other parts of our beautiful coast…. So stay tuned for some beautiful landscape photographs & more random fun posts!!! 🙂 **

Christmas with Friends!!!

We started off our weekend with a Christmas dinner with our friends. Lately we haven’t been getting together as much as friends should :(, but nevertheless, we were able to all get together for a very enjoyable evening!!! (with a secret santa event for after dinner – yummy yummy truffles!!!)

My friend bought these HUGE (understatement) crackers for us to “pop”!!! 😀 Inside were all types of games to keep us busy – – – but only for a little while!!! It was super fun catching up with everyone!!! 🙂 After a whole week of hard work… it was even harder staying awake for this very rare get-together!!! Despite having a hard week behind us… we ended up leaving there well after midnight!!!

A few snaps of the evening…

The huge cracker!!!

A fun mini puzzle!!!

Christmas moment!!!

'Twas a serious moment!!!

Secret Santa rounds!!!

Candid moment!!!

I can not remember what this was about...

There are also a few admin situations that I would like to make you aware of…

  1. As you have probably taken note of – – – I’ve rearranged the layout of my blog quite a bit!!! So, if you are looking for recent posts, archives etc., these are at the bottom of my blog…
  2. I have also added a blogrol to my blog – – – It is only a few (of the many) of my favourite blogs, I will be expanding it as I have more time!!! 🙂 But for now – – – please have a look at these blogs – – – you might find that you also want to follow these blogs more regularly!!! 😀
  3. I have to award some Versatile blogger awards, as well as Liebster awards… I have NO idea which of the blogs that I am following has less than 200 followers (which is a criteria for the Liebster award), so if you would like me to take your blog into consideration for this award, please just drop me a comment with the amount of followers that you have (or just state that you comply)!!! You will be helping me out a lot!!! 🙂

So, keep in touch for links to fabulous blogs & some more random posts from me!!! 😀 Drop me a comment for your thoughts, hello’s & most importantly amount of followers (if less than 200)… 😀 **