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Busy (Lavender)Bee!!!

Tonight I am sharing with you a few shots of a bee on lavender. I took these at the Boeremark on Saturday!! It was surprisingly difficult to get good shots… this bee was all over the place!!! 🙂

Well, for some reason I am having trouble uploading (&linking) the other photos I’ve got – – – & this one was unfortunately not my favourite – – – So, if you are at all curious what the others look like… head on over to my Flickr! account (link in my right-hand menu!)!! Let me know what you think…

At the Boeremark!!

Every Saturday there is a market with all kinds of bits and pieces… It is called the ‘Boeremark’ and has stalls with typically veggies, meat, coffee, lots of books, plants, napkins, wire stuffies, hand-made leather belts etc. etc. We go there every once in a while (whenever we are up before 8 on a saturday) & this time I took along my camera.

I have been wanting to try street photography for a while and reckoned that this was a good place to start… Especially since I’m no good in photographing people or moving objects (mostly because of lack of practice & knowledge)!! I must admit that I felt very aware of me taking pictures – – – very self-conscious!! – – – Maybe I would feel more at ease with a longer lens?? With a maximum of 55mm I find I have to be up in peoples faces (which I do not like!!)!! I also found it a bit to crowded to have decent shots!! But nevertheless, I took a few photos and am going to share it with you now… (click on an image to enlarge)

I did get the chance to photograph a bee on lavender as well…. more difficult than I would have thought… Will share those in a few days!!!

Any advise for photographing people better?? 🙂 **

I had to put in this photo as well… just for balance and good measure… this stall with scarves was just too colourful to resist!!