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In the Veld…

Just a photo for today… This was taken last year sometime…. I loved the colour (although maybe slightly over processed here)… I still like it!!! So Veld… So Bushveld… Home!!! 🙂

Colours of the bushveld…

As always… I adore your thoughts & comments!!! Have a great evening!!! 😀 **

A View of the Bushveld!!!

A few months ago a group of our friends went away for the weekend… It was such a relaxing weekend – – – just what the doctor ordered at that time!! (which he is ordering now as well…. except… I’m not obeying – – – unwillingly!!! Ooooops!! 🙂 )

Kamonande is about 200 km North from where I live… in the middle of nowhere!!! Our winters are extremely dry… & this winter was no different!! This shot is a bit blurry… but the blur seems much less in B/W!!

This is just about what you see… Bushveld as far as the eye can see in all directions!!! Super Relaxing!!! 😀 **