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When the clock strikes 12h00…

I took these photographs on the same day… Believe it or not, but it is the same flower – – – when closed one cannot think that it opens up to become an unusual but beautiful flower!!! I did a post a while back called Flower Drops, with the same type of flowers, it had just rained and had droplets of water on its petals!!!

In the meantime… enjoy my ‘beauty in disguise’ flower!!!

- - - Beauty in Disguise - - -

- - - True Beauty - - -

For the love of flowers…

I will definitely post a picture (when I get to take one) where the flower is open!!!! It reminds me of spain… – – – not that I’ve been there before – – – it just seems like the kind of flower that the spanish women wear in their hair as the ultimate highlight!!!! Difficult to describe… &reading this, I know you are NOT getting the picture that I’m trying to paint – – – especially with the flower being closed in stead of open!!!! Oi… 😉 **

I’ll just have to post an open flower pic then… 🙂 **

Up close …

Close-ups have always been a favourite subject for me to shoot — flowers, bugs, faces — but especially flowers. There is something fascinating about every and each petal, the way it folds, reflects & captures a moment or memory that might not even be familiar to you. Here is one of my many flower closeups.

ISO 100 — f/9.0 — 35mm — 1/10 sec