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Under the weather…

I’ve been feeling a little off since Monday – & yesterday was so bad, that when I looked at my computer screen, I got a huge sinus concentration right between my eyes…. 😦 I did not feel good!! Fortunately I got an appointment at the doctor at 09h30!! She immediately prescribed me some antibiotics and booked me off for two days…

I’m a sleeper when I’m sick… & I’m sure it makes me get better sooner!!! I’m feeling much better today, still very tired though – so after this post I’m back to bed!!!

Random post for today – I started editing a few of my older photos this morning… In the spirit of the rugby going on I am posting a little bit of spirit today…

Loftus 2012

I was so impressed by how this panorama panned out – it consists of four photos & I could not be happier with the result!!! I can’t remember who was playing against who (sports is not my ‘thing’ 😉 ) but there were a lot of people!!!

The next photo is nothing special – I just played with the perspective crop!! I’m going to post the result & my original photo (for comparison…) Although it is obvious that something is not right with the result – I love how it turned out!!

Result – after perspective cropping…

The original shot…

Which do you prefer??

The next shot is my first attempt at creating an HDR from one single shot!! I still have a long way to go… but I thought I’ll share my result with you!!!

HDR from one shot – 5 exposures created (-2,-1,0,1,2)

I’m thinking that I need to practise this more – could be a space saver (although it took quite a while!!!)… 🙂

Ok, that is all for my random post today – I’m off to bed again!!! 😉 **

Schiermonnikoog, Netherlands – Typical houses

Travel Lane memory…. A fond one if I might add… Schiermonnikoog!!!! I remember how we walked the road of Schiermonnikoog… dreaming of what it would be like to live here!!! (Property prices was unbelievably high – or maby just in comparison to house prices in SA)…

These houses were small, quaint, inviting, colourful, old & left me wanting to live there (if only for a little while…). Without further ado I present to you a typical street view of the houses of Schiermonnikoog!!! 🙂

Schiermonnikoog, 2004

I think you understand what I’m saying after seeing this photo!!! 🙂 Who votes for a house on Schier?? 😉

Speaking of votes… If you haven’t voted for Duke yet, please please please click on his photo to steer you to the website…. I’m still lagging with a few hundred votes 😦 …

Click on the photo to follow the link (opens in new window!!!)

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend…. 🙂 I’ve some HUGE news to tell…. just waiting for it to be final…. (no use in counting my chickens before it’s hatched!!!) 😀 Soooooo, stay tuned….. 🙂 **

Leisure Bay Views… & a vote!!!

A few photos from a holiday at Leisure Bay…. Leisure Bay is situated in the South Coast of South Africa… It is such a beautiful place and was the perfect place to relax & unwind for a few days!!! 🙂 **

On the Road… Domino Sleepers!!!

Black sand…

We should really go there again!!! 😀

On another note: I’ve entered the photo of Duke into a cute pet competition… (I could really use the grand prize money to get a new lens…) – – – To expensive elsewise!!! 😦 – – – So, I would appreciate it very much if you can (if you want… but please want to… 😉 ) vote for Duke by following this link!!! Thank everybody!!! Very much appreciated!!! 😀 **

V O T E   H E R E  ! ! !

Hope you all have a great last piece of weekend!!! 😀 **

My dog Duke… & his little blue pool!!!

Yesterday I caught one of Duke’s cutest acts on camera!!! Our everyday routine is to go and have a walk in the park just down the street from our home!! – – – & I do mean EVERYDAY… if we don’t do it, my little dogs will not stop barking!!! So, everyday – – –

When we are done with our roundabouts in the park, we head back home (so that I too can relax for just a moment!!)… even before I am able to enter back through the gate, Duke will have climbed into the little blue pool (originally bought to wash them in!!)…

When we open the tap he’ll splash around like a little kid who got to much sugar!!! 😀 If we throw a ball into the water, he’ll dunk his own head under water & splash around like a monkey who got all the bananas he can dream of!!! 🙂 If he’s hot… he will just lie in that little bath for ages!!! 😀 It’s SUPER adorable!!! – – – For some or other reason, my black dog does not share this interest!!! weird … – – –

Duke in his little blue pool!!!

Gotta love these dogs!!! 😀

On another note: Tomorrow = Friday = Happy dance = Happiness!!! 😀 **

The other Dog!!

I’ve mentioned that I have another dog (one which is impossible to get a good photograph of…), but I won’t stop trying!! 😉 Here is one that I found half decent!! Meet my other dog, Duke!! He is a mix breed – – – Labrador cross Bulldog!!! 😀 I know… what a mix… but he really is adorable!! Oneday when I get a better photograph I will post it again… but for now… you know me just a little bit better!! 🙂 **

My Black Dog!!!

This is one of the very first shots that I took when I got the camera about a year ago (the 48th photo to be exact). Meet my Labrador-Beagle mix breed dog – – – Wagter (the english translation would be ‘Gaurd’) – – – sounds stupid, but in afrikaans it works!!! 🙂

This pic is not edited at all!!! I know its totally overexposed and there’s a lot of wrongs to the photo… but lets get real : Its my pitch black, super cute, totally awesome dog… He’ll always be beautiful to me!!! 😀 ** – – – Did I mention that he is unusually photogenic?? 😉 **

Number one of my special mix-breed canine friends!!!