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Dubai, UAE – Airport Cranes

It’s Tuesday today & I haven’t posted a Travel Lane memory in AGES!!!

Well…. best I not waste any more time & make another contribution to my Travel Lane memories… 😉

This is an extremely significant photo in my life (& one of my favourites because of the sentiment behind it!!!) 🙂 Let me elaborate… This was on my very first trip overseas with my gorgeous mommy!!! We had a stop-over on Dubai International… At that time – 2004 – they were busy extending the already HUGE airport!!! It just so happens that our flight was leaving from that very last terminal (or close to last – can’t quite remember)… We noticed this view – – – & even then I knew this was significant – – – because have you EVER seen this many cranes on one construction site?? I certainly haven’t… & until this day me & my mom can remember how impressed I was with this!!! 😀

The view of hundreds of cranes!!!

Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating a teensy-weensy bit… 😉 But we did thereafter learn that that construction site on Dubai Airport holds the record for the most cranes on a single construction site – if I recall it was in the vicinity of 50 cranes 🙂 – told you it’s significant!!!

Might I also add…. this was my last holiday before starting at University!! At this time I was enrolled for Biological Sciences (wanted to become a physiotherapist!!)… It would only be a year later that I would change my degree & become a civil engineer!!! Me & my mom always joke that when we saw this site we should have known that I was going to study the wrong degree!!! 😀

In the end I got it right though!!! 🙂 **