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Abstract Flowery Thingies!!!

I decided to take a break from my Road Trip & holiday stories & do a post about a photo or two again (which I havn’e done in freaken AGES!!!!) 😀

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My post today is about – – – you guessed it – – – flowers!!! 😀 A while ago while I was browsing blogs I stumbled upon a photograph which was very appealing to me!!! 🙂 (Unfortunately I can’t remember who it was, so a shout-out is not possible!!! 😦 ) What the photo was, was flowers blurred in a spirally way… it was sooooo cool!!!! I tried it today, but only for a very short while (it’s raining it’s pouring… 😉 )… I only got 5 shots before I went in to safety… I’ve still got a few tricks to try & quite bit more experimenting to do before I’m going to get it right… but here is what I got today…

A closer shot... Here I literally turned my camera!!!

Further away... Here I walked around the flowers!!!

The next shot is of an Agapanthus… This was my least favourite shot of the bunch!!! 😦 Soooooooo (I LOVE PHOTOSHOP!!!), I jazzed it up in photoshop!!! 😀 Adjusted the levels  & overlayed it twice!!! The result: It’s my favourite!! 😉

Processed Agapanthus!!!

What do you think?? 🙂 **