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Bushveld Sunset…

This weekend I visited my Mommy on their farm for the celebration of her SO’s* 50th birthday… I happen to glance to the west & saw this sunset… – very lucky, because in less than 5 minutes, it was gone…!!!!

Beautiful…. There are few things as beautiful as a peaceful bushveld sunset!!! 🙂 **

HDR from 3 shots (-1,0,+1), post-processing in Photoshop

*SO = significant other.

Farm Views & a (temporary) Farewell…

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyy!!! Today. Officially. I am on Hoooooooliday!!!! Super psyched to start enjoying it!!! 😀 😀 😀 Tomorrow we are starting our three day road trip down to Cape Town, where we will be until after Xmas!!! We will then head south along the coast up to Knysna until just after new year…. We will then unfortunately return back home to get started with the monotomy that is work… 😦

I am conveying my apologies so long…. because my posts will be few over the next 3 weeks… But… I will be having great stories to share & (hopefully) wonderful photos to share!!! Oh my word I’m excited!!! 🙂 Promise to pop in at least once a week!!! 🙂

I want to share with you a few photos that I took on a farm last weekend (one of the busy ones!!)… Hopefully you’ll like it as much as me!!! 🙂 **

I realised halfway through posting these photos that I did not watermark it….. oh well!!!!! 😉 I hope you all have a great time in the coming three weeks…. whatever you do, be safe & considerate… & have fun!!! Lots of fun!!! 🙂 **

The view from under the tree…

Taken on the farm just outside of my hometown… yes yes… the one where we swim, rock-climb and just generally L.A.Z.E around!!! 😀 **

I was in a very relaxed state when I took this panorama…. 🙂

This photo is soooooooo small & compressed… how do I link (something?) so that you can see the bigger picture?? 😉 **

Rock-Climbing the Magaliesberg !!!

A few months ago a few of us decided to go rock-climbing on a farm outside of the city. This used to be a favourite sport with He-who-thinks-he’s-boss… but over the years this activity has subsided into nothingness!!! Nevertheless, we went rock-climbing (my first time mind you!! 🙂 ). Here is one of my favourite shots of the day!! …

Maybe I’ll share one or two more with you in the future!! 😀 **