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A Leafy Sunset…

Ok, I know, so it’s not really a sunset…

but it’s the sun…

starting to set…

behind some leaves…

with a blue sky!!!

Oh my…. I don’t know whats going on lately… I’m at a loss of words the last while, struggling to get words to describe my photos!!! So excuse me… I believe it’s a phase – – – It’ll blow over!!! (No pun intended!!! 🙂 )

I’m glad you still stick around in spite thereof… 😉 Thanks thanks thanks!!! 😀 **

Postbox not so lonely anymore!!!

A few weeks ago I posted a photo of my lonely postbox (link opens in new window) which generated a bit of interest!!! 🙂

I  thought I’d keep you updated, as spring has bought with it some well-deserved company for our postbox!!! This was taken about a week ago & what is crazy is that now you can not even tell that there is a postbox!!! Postbox not so lonely anymore!!! 😀 **

Welcome summer!!! 🙂 **

Some weekend pics

Today was a very laid-back day. Me and he-who-think-he’s-boss went to the autofair, bought a dishwasher (Yaaaaayyyy!!! 😀 — very happy face!) and are now chilling in front of the tele — a favourite to relax!

Fortunately I shot some pics on Friday before going on our getaway! Here are a few that I am pretty pleased with. Any comments/feedback on how to better my photos are more than welcome! I want to learn… &as you can see in my ‘About’, I’m an amateur photographer! — so please feel welcome to give me some pointers!! 🙂

Winter has taken its toll - our lonely postbox!


This is the type of stuff I love to shoot! It is simple & often overlooked in our busy daily lives. It is a challenge to shoot it in a different way or from a different angle. Often my best shot would be the simplest (is there even such a word?). I try to keep manipulation to a minimum (as my photoshop knowledge is very limited), most often my photos are directly from the camera.

Hope you enjoy!