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Sunset manipulation…

So, I don’t know what the rules are of posting befores vs afters??? But I wanted to share one of mine with you (to get advise and input etc.) – – – seeing that I am seriously wanting to learn and improve on the little knowledge I have of photography and editing.

I took this photo on 24 December 2010 at my mom’s home at Hartbeespoort Dam (South Africa), the sky/sunset was just to beautiful to resist – – – I mean… we all love sunsets don’t we? I really actually love the photo without the editing, but today I had a sudden itch to see what more I can do with the photo. I am a fan of editing (even the most wrong photo can be turned into a right with the right editing), but when it comes to my own photographs, I try to get the original photo as near to perfect (to me) as I can. It’s a challenge with no filters and only a 18-55mm standard lens, but I enjoy learning.

I adjusted the levels slightly and the colour balance to get a dramatic looking sky. Here are the results:

Without edit ~ ISO 200 ~ f/4 ~ 1/2000 sec ~ 25mm ~

The After - - - With a little bit of photoshop!!!

What do you think?? **