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Paris, France – Notre Dame Detail

I was not planning on doing my Travel Lane memory for the week today…. But yesterday I prepared a few photos & today Mary Jo from Let’s Face The Music did a post on a one of the same photos that I have prepared!!! 😀 That doesn’t happen everyday, so I decided to take it as a sign that I must do this post today!!! 🙂

Close-up of the detail of the Notre Dame – taken in 2004 with a 3MP Kodak digital compact…

The detail that this cathedral has is unimaginable & unthinkable!!! This specific photo captures the essence of it!!! Mary Jo did a great post today about these indescribably beautiful hinges… who built it… the mystery & myth behind it!!! Fascinating!!! You can see her photos & read her post The Mystery of the Hinges of Notre Dame!!! 😀 **

If you’ve visited the Notre Dame, what did you like about it??