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The other Dog!!

I’ve mentioned that I have another dog (one which is impossible to get a good photograph of…), but I won’t stop trying!! 😉 Here is one that I found half decent!! Meet my other dog, Duke!! He is a mix breed – – – Labrador cross Bulldog!!! 😀 I know… what a mix… but he really is adorable!! Oneday when I get a better photograph I will post it again… but for now… you know me just a little bit better!! 🙂 **

My Black Dog!!!

This is one of the very first shots that I took when I got the camera about a year ago (the 48th photo to be exact). Meet my Labrador-Beagle mix breed dog – – – Wagter (the english translation would be ‘Gaurd’) – – – sounds stupid, but in afrikaans it works!!! 🙂

This pic is not edited at all!!! I know its totally overexposed and there’s a lot of wrongs to the photo… but lets get real : Its my pitch black, super cute, totally awesome dog… He’ll always be beautiful to me!!! 😀 ** – – – Did I mention that he is unusually photogenic?? 😉 **

Number one of my special mix-breed canine friends!!!