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DIY – Recovering Lampshade

I’ve been a Pinterest nut for a while now – I’ve only been able to try a few pins ranging from very yummy stuff to eat to a few DIY projects!!! (By the way – you can follow my Pinterest here or follow the link on the right)… Quite a while ago I got this idea (see pic below) on Pinterest & decided I could make do with this project!!! 🙂

Here is my before:

I really did NOT like the yellow at all!!! 😦

My setup:

  1. 1. My ‘before’ lampshade
  2. 2. Chosen Fabric
  3. 3. Scissors, glue, measuring tape & masking tape

I started by cutting the fabric in the correct length with 2 inches to spare on all the sides!! Then I started at a side and started to glue the fabric onto the lampshade section by section… 🙂

Once I’ve glued all the sides and tucked everything in, I taped all the joints and edges with masking tape to leave overnight for the glue to dry…

My very satisfying after:

I love the result – I’ll never miss the yellow lampshades!!! 😉

Have you been doing any DIY projects?? 😀 **