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Pekoe Tea Plantation…

First off – thanks for all the congrats and good wishes from all of you on our engagement!!! A lot of excitement still in store for 2012…. 😉 … watch this space!!! 😀

Tonight I would like to share another one of my shots of the Pekoe Tea Plantation in Magoebaskloof…

Pekoe Tea Plantation (Magoebaskloof, South Africa)

I did the processing a bit different to my previous shot, but it just suited this perspective so much better (…I think…) – Let me know what you think!! 😀 **

A weekend in Magoebaskloof…

This weekend He-who-thinks-he’s-boss had some business to attend to up in Limpopo Province… He took me along for a fun weekend away!!! 😀

With our morning cuppa on Saturday morning he surprised me with something very special… Head on over to our blog for the surprise… 😉

We saw some breathtaking nature this weekend!!! Below is a photo of a tea plantation we visited later on Saturday… A stunning view with great company!!! 😀

View over the Pekoe Tea Plantation!