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A day in Jasper – A trip to the Canadian Rockies!!

After He-who-thinks-he’s-boss (HWTHB) returned back to the hotel for our second to last evening in Edmonton, we decided to head out to Jasper for the evening!! If we left immediately (at approx. 17h30) we would be in Jasper in 3.5 hours… Soooooo, we left for Jasper immediately!! 😉 Canadian Rockies, here we come!!! 😀

I took a few photos along the way…

I could not believe that it was still so light so late at night – And it was cloudy!!! – – – In South Africa (even in summer) it barely stays light much after 19h00!! – – –

We arrived in Jasper and set out to find a place to sleep – as we went in the spur of the moment, we did not book any accommodation!!! – I know, daredevils… 😉 But it was no problem… We drove around the town of Jasper, chose a place that looked quaint and went in!! In the end we slept in Astoria Hotel – it cost $97 for the room (no breakfast included) – this, for us seemed steep (when compared to the price of our hotel in Edmonton ito what you get…)!!! 😦

As it was already late, we set out to get some foodies!! We ended up in Jasper Brewing Company… It was delicious!!! We enjoyed the multiple screen all showing highlights of the ice hockey… (I must say by the end of our trip we were quite into ice hockey – & I am NEVER into sports… it grew on us 🙂 )…

My very interesting Blueberry-Vanilla beer… Yum!!!

The next morning we awoke with our first (semi) worthy view of the Rockies… it was beautiful… ice-capped and huge!!! I could get used to waking up to this view…. 😀

HDR of our view through our un-openable screen!!!

Breakfast at Lou Lou’s…

We thought we’d go up the cable-way… but it was not running… 😦 It seems we arrived in Jasper in a quite time – the slopes was not open, the cable-way was not running, but it was still a beautiful place with a gorgeous little town!!! We could imagine that during the right season, Jasper would be a haven to hang out at!!! 😀

Totem Pole…

A view of Jasper!!

We headed back to Edmonton for our last day that day… The one day we spent in Jasper was a memorable one for sure!!! …& although it was a long(ish) drive, we decided that the experience was worthwhile!!! 🙂 **

A rainy day in Stellenbosch (& an expensive steak) – Part.7

On this day we did not have anything specific planned… And thank goodness for that!!! 😀 When we woke up it was cloudy cloudy cloudy!!!! We decided that to visit the winery that we are staying on!!! 🙂 Stark-Conde has exquisite wines… a well known fact!!! 😀

Our short-cut from our home to Stark-Conde
A stunning back road through the forest…

 Yes…. it started raining lightly while we were on our way there… 🙂 it is not a long walk… probably only a mere 200m or so… but at least we were under a thick green blanket of trees!!! 😉 **

What greeted us once we emerged from under the trees!!!

It was beautiful!!! The mountains (or a least, what was visible of the mountains 😉 ), the little dam, the lovely view, the gravel walkway, the green….. we were in awe!!! 😀

Water lilies in the dam…

 Quite a few photo scenes presented itself!!! It was a gorgeous location!!! 🙂

Looking back at the hidden mountains!!!
Crossing paths with a boat!!!
The roofs & weather made this feel like somewhere in Asia!!!

This was the roofs of the wine-tasting location… seeing that we haven’t had anything to eat yet, we decided that wine-tasting was not what one of us wanted to do… 🙂 Instead we headed up towards the restaurant & shop areas… Finding the perfect spot (for the perfect setting) we ordered our breakfast/lunch… peach crumble & baked cheesecake!!! Yummy yum-yum-yum!!!! 🙂 I know, not exactly healthy… but oh so delicious it was!!!! 😀

Our breakfast/lunch!!!
The 3 pine trees on the hill behind this beautiful farm!!!

We walked back home (not the short-cut) 😉 and about 2minutes into our walk it started pouring!!!! At least we had an umbrella…. but it was a super small one…. my legs got wet wet wet… & so did our clothes!!! But it was fun – can’t remember when last I walked in the rain!!! & it was so beautiful, the me & he-who-thinks-he’s-boss (HWTHB) 😀 savoured every moment!!! It was an unforgettable experience!!! 😀

That evening we went to a highly recommended restaurant that apparently serves the best steak in the country!!! Coming from a culture that eats a lot of meat, we really do appreciate a good piece of steak!!! 😀 We ate the “best steak in the country”… Paid the enormous price for it…. (& I mean enormous!!!)… & decided that the steak we prepare at home is way better!!!! (& I mean way much better!!!!) 😀

Best steak restaurant – Hasser’s Grill

At least it was a restaurant with a very nice feel to it…. very classy!!!! We headed home for the rest of the rainy evening!!! It was a gorgeous day!!!! Very enjoyable!!! & super relaxing!!! Just what we needed!!! 😀 **

Mount Roraima

Once again stumbling… came across a very impressive mountain top! I wanted to know more… I Googled it!!! Here is the low down:

Mount Roraima, two billion years in making, is surrounded by 400m tall cliffs on ALL sides! Its summit area is an impressive 31 km2. This mountain’s location – in South America – forms a triple border with Brazil, Venezuela and Guyana. It forms the highest peak of Guyana’s Highland Range.

Source: science.nationalgeographic.comSource: magicaldeductions.tumblr.com

Its quite stunning right?