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A Visit to Cape Town – Part.6

Wow!!! It’s been a while….. & I must apologise to my fellow blog followers L As I mentioned, I reached my internet cap quite early last month…. 😦 Had to endure a few days of following blogs from work & doing a few posts from work as well!!! Not ideal, but hey….. I’m back!!! & as a “make-up” I will post me Part.6 (long overdue) & a travel lane post today!!! 🙂 You heard right…. two posts today – – – Never before have I done this!!! 😀

On this day of our holiday we decided Cape Town was a good call!!! I had a photo idea in my head that I wanted to go & try… 😉 & for a bonus it would be an experience not many people have had!!! Our friend told us earlier that they announced over the radio that this year Cape Town has had more holiday-goers than ever before!!!! (Say what?)- – – This might sound awesome, but we went on holiday to get away, to relax, to NOT have traffic – – – Needless to say that we have not even entered Cape Town, when we got stuck in traffic… It took 45 minutes to get to the traffic light… Madness I tell you!!!

Gorgeous Table Mountain


Couldn't have asked for a better back drop!!!

We were instantly irritated… not a good start!!!! 😦 We decided to instead of eating lunch at a restaurant, we would buy bread buns & toppings & go and sit on the Signal Hill look-out, eating our lunch!!! It was suuuuuuuuuuuper relaxing!!! 🙂 We ended up sitting there for quite a while (well, long enough to listen the albums of James Blunt AND Mumford&Sons – – – without skipping a single song – – – & taking a nap & snapping a few photos!!! The views are just breath-taking!!! 😀

Looking back over Signal Hill at Table Mountain - with unwanted weather creeping over it... (click for larger version)

The view from Signal Hill..... how stunning is this?? (click for larger version)

Table Mountain with Cape Town looming below...

Ok, so let me tell you about my photo idea…. I wanted to go up Table Mountain (&given the fabulous weather this seemed almost possible)… 🙂 The last cable-car going down is somewhere between 21h00 and 21h30 in summer… So I was planning on going up & getting some sunset photos from up on Table Mountain… & when the sun has set get some night shots of all the lights…. I’ve been planning this photo for a loooooooong time…. 😀

Well, you know me…. & you know Murphy… & yes, he IS a bitch!!! 😀 No, I did not get my shots… 😦 no, we were not able to up the cable cars… no…. the weather (as you can see in the photos above) started creeping in…. we waited a while… hoping/praying that it will clear…. but no!!! It was time to go head homewards… 😦 no need in hanging around there!!! With these last views of Cape Town & Table Mountain & end Part.6!!! 😀

A view over Cape Town (unfortunately not from the top of Table Mountain) ...(click for larger version)

Snapped while driving... so, not quite right, but nevertheless - I present Greenpoint Stadium!!!

I love this photo... It's got a mountain (Table Mountain), clouds, sunburst, lens flare... Don't ask me why!!!

Stay tuned for Part.7 !!! 😀 **