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Westminster Abbey – London, UK

Travel Lane memory for the week!! Westminster Abbey!! … I have a huge regret that I have not been inside yet (& I have been in London 3 times!! 😦 ) – – – I know, shame on me!!! (Queue the ‘but’….) 😉 But, every time we were there, there were soooooo many people (or closed?)… we planned to go back (promise), but somehow, once we were gone, we realized that we never did!!

So this is for the next time I am in the vicinity – – – I WILL go in no matter how long the queue!!! 😀 **

At the Boeremark!!

Every Saturday there is a market with all kinds of bits and pieces… It is called the ‘Boeremark’ and has stalls with typically veggies, meat, coffee, lots of books, plants, napkins, wire stuffies, hand-made leather belts etc. etc. We go there every once in a while (whenever we are up before 8 on a saturday) & this time I took along my camera.

I have been wanting to try street photography for a while and reckoned that this was a good place to start… Especially since I’m no good in photographing people or moving objects (mostly because of lack of practice & knowledge)!! I must admit that I felt very aware of me taking pictures – – – very self-conscious!! – – – Maybe I would feel more at ease with a longer lens?? With a maximum of 55mm I find I have to be up in peoples faces (which I do not like!!)!! I also found it a bit to crowded to have decent shots!! But nevertheless, I took a few photos and am going to share it with you now… (click on an image to enlarge)

I did get the chance to photograph a bee on lavender as well…. more difficult than I would have thought… Will share those in a few days!!!

Any advise for photographing people better?? 🙂 **

I had to put in this photo as well… just for balance and good measure… this stall with scarves was just too colourful to resist!!