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Perm is Cool Again!!!

Ok, so I’m not entirely sure about the above statement…. But I’m certainly loving mine!!! 🙂 I’ve been wanting to perm my hair for years!!! Now I can’t think why I haven’t gotten one sooner!!! It is awesome!!!

The reason why I want one is not because I have some sort of obsession with curly hair… It’s not that I did not like my straight hair… it’s quite simple… I have hair that – – – no matter how much trouble I put into it – – – falls flat onto my head after about 20 minutes!! 😦 It is also sooooo long that it takes ages to “do” something with it…. Most of the days I just end up with a ponytail!!! A perm has always sounded like an easy (& pretty) alternative!!!

I was pretty nervous about doing it – – – did not want to sit with a bunch of 70/80’s curls on my head…. yikes!!! 🙂

– – – BEFORE – – – I simply loosened my ponytail, so this is not an example of “lots-of-trouble-fallen-flat” hair!!!
– – – AFTER – – – My new, no-fuss hairstyle!!!

What do you think about my new (VERY old) look?? Yay / nay?? 🙂 **

Impressions of a Lilly…

One of the flowers from my bunch that my granny got me for my birthday!!! Soooooo pretty… & its been a while since I’ve posted any flower photographs!!!

Hope my pink lilly brightened your day!!! Got a perm today (my first!! & I’ve been wanting to get one for years!!! – – – keep in touch to see my transformation!!) Have a great weekend!!! 😀 **