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A Colourful flame-lick…

Last weekend while visiting my little brother, me made ourselves a nice fire to heat up a bit… I had fun playing with my camera (as one always does with flames/fires…. what is it about flames??) 😉

I had some fun editing this shot, but the biggest change was when I played around with the white balance… Who knew it would make such a big difference?? I changed my balance from ‘as shot’ to ‘tungsten’ & the effect was quite dramatic!!! I loved it!! 😀

Tungsten balance…

As shot…

Which do you prefer?? Have you played around with your white balance yet?? So excited about the endless possibilities that this creates!! 😀 **

Tilt-shift… Take 1!

Sharing a few of my first tilt-shift photos!! I got quite a few spots in mind that I would like to go and take photographs from – so still lots more experimenting to do!! 😀

Can you see a difference between this one and the original??

Ok, so it is obvious I still have to figure this out – but this is just the beginning… Still lots to learn & discover, what works, what doesn’t, processing etc. etc.

Practise makes perfect!! 😀 **

Zoom photography…

I’ve been obsessed with zoom photography the last couple of weeks…. 😉 Every time I had the opportunity I would try something (anything), not necessarily something specific… But I do have fun playing around with this technique!!! 😀 Here are two more photos that I like a lot… Let me know what you think!??! 😀 **

What the view looks like from (inside???) my head… 😀
Duke… lying between my legs!!! 😀

Are you obsessed with anything specific?? 🙂 **

Abstract Flowery Thingies!!!

I decided to take a break from my Road Trip & holiday stories & do a post about a photo or two again (which I havn’e done in freaken AGES!!!!) 😀

If you missed my first two post on my holiday series follow these links:

Road-Tripping to the Cape – Part.1

Road-Tripping to the Cape – Part.2

My post today is about – – – you guessed it – – – flowers!!! 😀 A while ago while I was browsing blogs I stumbled upon a photograph which was very appealing to me!!! 🙂 (Unfortunately I can’t remember who it was, so a shout-out is not possible!!! 😦 ) What the photo was, was flowers blurred in a spirally way… it was sooooo cool!!!! I tried it today, but only for a very short while (it’s raining it’s pouring… 😉 )… I only got 5 shots before I went in to safety… I’ve still got a few tricks to try & quite bit more experimenting to do before I’m going to get it right… but here is what I got today…

A closer shot... Here I literally turned my camera!!!

Further away... Here I walked around the flowers!!!

The next shot is of an Agapanthus… This was my least favourite shot of the bunch!!! 😦 Soooooooo (I LOVE PHOTOSHOP!!!), I jazzed it up in photoshop!!! 😀 Adjusted the levels  & overlayed it twice!!! The result: It’s my favourite!! 😉

Processed Agapanthus!!!

What do you think?? 🙂 **

Farm Views & a (temporary) Farewell…

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyy!!! Today. Officially. I am on Hoooooooliday!!!! Super psyched to start enjoying it!!! 😀 😀 😀 Tomorrow we are starting our three day road trip down to Cape Town, where we will be until after Xmas!!! We will then head south along the coast up to Knysna until just after new year…. We will then unfortunately return back home to get started with the monotomy that is work… 😦

I am conveying my apologies so long…. because my posts will be few over the next 3 weeks… But… I will be having great stories to share & (hopefully) wonderful photos to share!!! Oh my word I’m excited!!! 🙂 Promise to pop in at least once a week!!! 🙂

I want to share with you a few photos that I took on a farm last weekend (one of the busy ones!!)… Hopefully you’ll like it as much as me!!! 🙂 **

I realised halfway through posting these photos that I did not watermark it….. oh well!!!!! 😉 I hope you all have a great time in the coming three weeks…. whatever you do, be safe & considerate… & have fun!!! Lots of fun!!! 🙂 **

Series: Approaching the Toll!!!

I feel super guilty because I have still not processed my pictures of my eventful weekend (if I have to be even more honest – I have not even downloaded them from my camera 😦 )! I want to promise that I’ll do them asap, but I know I can’t do that, seeing that an equally eventful weekend lies ahead!!! Oh well, just more stories & photos to share when I do eventually get around to them!!! So please….. hold your thumbs that it will be sooner rather than later!!! 😉

In the meantime, I do have a story to share!!! I quickly downloaded the photos from my little snapper (if you can recall I got this for my birthday a few weeks ago)!!! I (over)processed three of these photos, but with good reason… I have seen many of these types of photos & loved every one of them – don’t ask me why, I think it just looks cool!!!! 😀

Last night I had a quick opportunity to take a few of these while approaching a toll gate on the N4 highway!!! This was then obviously taken last night at around 22h40… as I’ve mentioned – things have been crazy hectic lately!!! 😦

Let me know what you think!!!! Do you also have a childish fascination with these photos?? 🙂 **


Impressions of a Lilly…

One of the flowers from my bunch that my granny got me for my birthday!!! Soooooo pretty… & its been a while since I’ve posted any flower photographs!!!

Hope my pink lilly brightened your day!!! Got a perm today (my first!! & I’ve been wanting to get one for years!!! – – – keep in touch to see my transformation!!) Have a great weekend!!! 😀 **

What to do the day after you’ve turned 25…

Of course the answer is simple…

1. Go on a 1day course presented by SAICE (South African Institute of Civil Engineers) about the designing of steel structures according to the SANS code – fun! 😀

2. Ride the Gautrain 🙂

3. Take photographs with your new camera!! – – – of course 😀 – – –

First of all : Thanks for all the birthday wishes & happy thoughts!!! I do appreciate every single one of them!!! 🙂 I am very much looking forward to the year ahead!!

‘Twas soooooo much fun having a small, unnoticed & silent camera today!!! I created 3 mini summaries of the photos I took with my small snapper today!!! 😀 I hope you enjoy them… It covers my day pretty well!!!

My drawing of an infinitely long steel I-section 🙂 ; my red steel textbook; the equations that made my eyes VERY sleepy (who gives you these stuff directly after a huge meal??) 🙂 & the view from my desk!!!

While waiting for the train to arrive at the Midrand Station!!!

My shadow portrait 🙂 and a few pretty flowers!!!

Hope you all had a great day!!! I doubt my day tomorrow will be as much fun as today (reeeeeeally do not want to go and sit in the office tomorrow 😦 )… but at least I had today!!! 😀 Thanks for checking in!!! **

Every Cloud has a Silver Lining!!!

Hi there everyone!! I hope you had a terrific weekend!!! We were soooooo busy – – – I must apologise for the decrease in posts the last while!! It seems that for the last while I haven’t gotten quite enough time to go out & get decent shots!! It is not going to change for quite some time… Work is crazy at the moment (people pushing for the last month of work before shut-down)!!!  I can tell you…. It’s NOT fun!!! But…

Every Cloud has a Silver Lining!!! 🙂In just over a month I’ll be on vacation for two weeks!!! Can’t wait!!! 😀 **

On another note… He-who-thinks-he’s-boss have always had this dream to go and live abroad for a few years!! We went to the Opportunities Expo this weekend, it was companies from Australia, New Zealand & Canada promoting their companies here in South Africa. We decided to go, because we’ve been talking about Canada for a while now (rather he’s been talking about it – I’m not keen on change!!)… but he had an interview on Sunday with a company from Canada…. It’s scary and exciting!!! Although it still means nothing (sounds like this is quite a lengthy process), it seems quite real!!! – – – I mean, if we don’t do it soon, we’ll probably NEVER do it – – –

We are looking at Edmonton or Ottowa!!! Have you ever relocated? What was your experience? Ever been to Canada? Opinions?