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Tilt-shift… Take 1!

Sharing a few of my first tilt-shift photos!! I got quite a few spots in mind that I would like to go and take photographs from – so still lots more experimenting to do!! 😀

Can you see a difference between this one and the original??

Ok, so it is obvious I still have to figure this out – but this is just the beginning… Still lots to learn & discover, what works, what doesn’t, processing etc. etc.

Practise makes perfect!! 😀 **

An update post…

Update post?? What is that anyway?? Well… let me tell you:

First off – I have created a Facebook Page!! I know, what have I got to offer?? Not much – yet… 😉 But I plan on having some fun projects on there – cool articles (being that about travel, photography or whatever…) This page links to my blog – – – It is not a business, just a fun place to hang out!! So, follow the link on my homepage or click here to join in!! I am hoping to build a community with similar interests & in turn maybe also get/make the time to do more photography (&develop this skill!!!) – hopefully you can learn with me by joining in my ‘Photography To Do’s’… 😀

Tilt-Shift Photography – My first Facebook Page Challenge/Project +
a surprise new watermark!!!

As you can see – I have already posed myself a new photography challenge to develop a new skill!!! Tilt-shift photography – I am taking a normal photo and changing it to make it look like a miniature model!!! (You might recognise this photo from my Edmonton posts!! 😉 ) If you want, join me on my page & we’ll share, grow & develop our passion!! 🙂

Secondly – I have a new watermark!! As you have probably realized, I have not used my previous one for almost 6 months – simply because I was not crazy about it!! 😦 But I made a point of it today to make one that I am at least a little excited about!! & voila!! So, what do you think?? 🙂

Thirdly – along the same lines… I have joined NickExposed in a collaboration with Seeing Spots Photo with their Long Exposure Project!! The gallery was released today – go and have a peek!!! They are going to release their third collaboration theme soon… so sign-up to join in – It’s free & fun!!! 😀

Fourthly – It is C.R.A.Z.Y cold here this weekend!!!! & I mean really cold!!! (although not minus temperatures, I find that I’m colder here than I was in Canada with the minusses…) Why?? Because here in South Africa we are not equipped for the cold – if it is cold outside, it is cold inside as well – which is awful!!! I love the winter for the heaters and the blankets etc…. so loving this weekend!!! 🙂

That’s it for my update post!!! Hope you are enjoying your weekend!!! 😀 **

DIY – Recovering Lampshade

I’ve been a Pinterest nut for a while now – I’ve only been able to try a few pins ranging from very yummy stuff to eat to a few DIY projects!!! (By the way – you can follow my Pinterest here or follow the link on the right)… Quite a while ago I got this idea (see pic below) on Pinterest & decided I could make do with this project!!! 🙂

Here is my before:

I really did NOT like the yellow at all!!! 😦

My setup:

  1. 1. My ‘before’ lampshade
  2. 2. Chosen Fabric
  3. 3. Scissors, glue, measuring tape & masking tape

I started by cutting the fabric in the correct length with 2 inches to spare on all the sides!! Then I started at a side and started to glue the fabric onto the lampshade section by section… 🙂

Once I’ve glued all the sides and tucked everything in, I taped all the joints and edges with masking tape to leave overnight for the glue to dry…

My very satisfying after:

I love the result – I’ll never miss the yellow lampshades!!! 😉

Have you been doing any DIY projects?? 😀 **

Self Portrait

I was not planning on doing a post this weekend…. 😉 But while browsing through my photos tonight I came across this photo… – – – of myself – – – taken just after I permed my hair… 🙂

I’ve seen quite a few people with self portrait projects… & the idea have entertained my thoughts quite a bit… But I haven’t put any effort into it!!! (You know… if you do something you have to do it gooooooood 😀 – – – and I’ve seen some stunning self portraits do the rounds!!!!)

So…. have you done a self portrait project yet?? Your thoughts on these?? 🙂 **

Almost not there Self-portrait… & a chandelier!!!

Hi all!!! I am busy editing & putting together a few photographs from our excursion yesterday… I do not want to give away everything now, but I will say it involves an impromptu decision with a few firsts & a truly enjoyable evening!!

For tonight though I want to share with you a super blurry photograph, which I hope most of you will be able to make out the outlines of!! I took this yesterday… it was my first photograph and was indeed not what I intended to get from the photo – – – my settings was all wrong – – – & instead of capturing what was outside I got a very blurry reflection of me taking the photo!! Hence, my unintended self-portrait!!

I’m thinking of starting a SLOW self-portrait project… I found last night that I have forgotten(???) how to be in the photo… I’ve got so used to taking the photos that I now feel uncomfortable being in – – – & that is something that have never been a problem – – – 😀 Anyway, I’m still thinking about it… More about the photo: unfortunately it was shot in jpeg, so there was not much that I could “save”, I upped the contrast & brightness. That’s it. 🙂

As my title suggests, there is a chandelier as well… This is one ugly chandelier… It is hanging in our living room, not corresponding to anything in there… but we are only renting, thus the chandelier stays!!! – – – and so are the holes in the ceiling, floor etc. 😀 – – – Oh my, I think our house would probably be a very entertaining post… watch this space!!! (The chandelier probably would look quite stunning in the correct environment), but now, it is here, & I am not liking it!!! 🙂

This concludes my totally random post!! Better ones to follow!! 😀 **