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Proudly South African!!!

This weekend was nothing extremely exciting… we worked out, watched rugby (or rather I was busy on my laptop while He-who-thinks-he’s-boss {HWTHB} watched rugby), went to HWTHB’s parents for a Sunday lunch… Nothing special happened…

What did make me weirdly happy was this wonderful Milk Tart…

Proudly South African Milk Tart

Milk Tart is a true South African pudding… & IF you have visited me, you would know that (& you would know how delicious it is…) – BUT, none of you will know!!! 😉

It is almost like a normal tart, just with MUCH more milk!!!! & it is extreme deliciousness!!! Usually you would only sprinkle cinnamon over the entire tart surface – but I LOVED this creativity of sprinkling the South African flag on it… How appropriate!! 😀

I am going to bake these & sell them in Canada!!! 😉