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Cotton-ball tree!!!

When I shot this picture, my camera was set to monochrome… But, little did I realize that my camera was set to RAW setting!!! When I downloaded the pictures onto my computer I found that it was in colour (I am not quite sure about RAW yet… also not the possibilities that RAW presents), but I must say that I ended up having fun with it! I decided to post both my colour and black and white photo to get some feedback…

I call it a cotton-ball tree – – – but it is indeed not a cotton-ball tree!!! It is little bunches of white flowers that looks (to me) like cotton-balls in a tree!!! If I could, I would share more info on the type of tree etc. But I don’t have the knowledge… & that is not what my blog is about… so back to the pics:

- - - My B/W attempt!!! Any suggestions??? - - -

- - - My colour attempt!!! I definitely am a colour!!! - - -

Which do you prefer?? Any suggestions or advice (even criticism) welcome!! 😀 **