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A weekend of recovery…

Over the next two days we were catching up on rest/sleep and recovering from jet lag!!! … As we did not have a vehicle yet, we were limited to our immediate environment!!! – – – 82nd avenue – or Whyte avenue!!! – – – What a quaint and fun avenue!! We explored the beyonds as well… but found that this avenue had true character!!! 🙂

And of course we had to drink Starbucks… I know – totally overrated, but you can’t have access to a Starbucks and not drink one of their ridiculously overpriced (and not even that yummy) coffees!!! 😉

We still had a good amount of snow the next day… just a bit more for us to enjoy!!! 🙂

He-who-thinks-he’s-boss is convinced that Kelsey’s has the best ribs in the world… 😀 He reckons that he’ll fly to Canada just to have ribs at Kelsey’s!!! 😉

A Snowy view…

We had a HUGE lunch at one of PCL’s employees home!!! Oh my, what a feast!!! – – – I don’t know why I didn’t take any photos of it!!! – – – But it was fabulous for a Sunday!!! We had a great afternoon!!!

Serious jet-lagging!!! @04h00

We loved the fact that we could see the temperature without having to turn on the television!!! Across the street from the hotel (in view of our room), we had a thermometer showing the temperature… The coldest (that we saw) was -4 degrees Celsius!!! – – – For us, that is very very very cold!!! – – – Minimum temperatures in winter in South Africa average about 7 degrees Celsius!!! So, bbbbrrrrrr!!!! 😉 **