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Almost not there Self-portrait… & a chandelier!!!

Hi all!!! I am busy editing & putting together a few photographs from our excursion yesterday… I do not want to give away everything now, but I will say it involves an impromptu decision with a few firsts & a truly enjoyable evening!!

For tonight though I want to share with you a super blurry photograph, which I hope most of you will be able to make out the outlines of!! I took this yesterday… it was my first photograph and was indeed not what I intended to get from the photo – – – my settings was all wrong – – – & instead of capturing what was outside I got a very blurry reflection of me taking the photo!! Hence, my unintended self-portrait!!

I’m thinking of starting a SLOW self-portrait project… I found last night that I have forgotten(???) how to be in the photo… I’ve got so used to taking the photos that I now feel uncomfortable being in – – – & that is something that have never been a problem – – – 😀 Anyway, I’m still thinking about it… More about the photo: unfortunately it was shot in jpeg, so there was not much that I could “save”, I upped the contrast & brightness. That’s it. 🙂

As my title suggests, there is a chandelier as well… This is one ugly chandelier… It is hanging in our living room, not corresponding to anything in there… but we are only renting, thus the chandelier stays!!! – – – and so are the holes in the ceiling, floor etc. 😀 – – – Oh my, I think our house would probably be a very entertaining post… watch this space!!! (The chandelier probably would look quite stunning in the correct environment), but now, it is here, & I am not liking it!!! 🙂

This concludes my totally random post!! Better ones to follow!! 😀 **