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Bushveld Sunset…

This weekend I visited my Mommy on their farm for the celebration of her SO’s* 50th birthday… I happen to glance to the west & saw this sunset… – very lucky, because in less than 5 minutes, it was gone…!!!!

Beautiful…. There are few things as beautiful as a peaceful bushveld sunset!!! 🙂 **

HDR from 3 shots (-1,0,+1), post-processing in Photoshop

*SO = significant other.

Brighton, UK – West Pier

I was a very happy visitor in Brighton, UK, in 2006!!! 😀 Oh my, I have no idea why, but this place was magical to me!!! Me & a few friends worked in Thistle Hotel over the December holidays… We had plenty of time to travel around & get to know Brighton & its immediate surroundings quite well!!! 🙂

I just loved the pebble beaches!! 🙂 South Africa is pretty well known for our white sandy beaches, so this was quite different from what I’m used to!!! I would go back to Brighton any time (& every time) that I have the chance!!! 😀

So, here is my Travel Lane memory for the week!!! Fondness galore!!! 😀 **

Sunset over West Pier, Brighton (UK)

Sun sets on Daisies…

Today we attended a trail running event (He-who-thinks-he’s-boss participated & unsporty ol’ me decided to have a go at a few runners with my trusty camera!!)… I really am NOT good in capturing people – – – let alone moving people!! But I guess it’s just something that I have to practice and figure out!! Any handy tips??

Any way, so I decided to post my next attempt at HDR (again handheld… oops!)!! It was taken from three shots (-2,0,+2) and the merging of the three (in CS5) created this weird rainbow type effect where the sun is!!!

I am quite chuffed with it… now, if only I can make the effort and tag along a tripod!!! 😉 **

A Leafy Sunset…

Ok, I know, so it’s not really a sunset…

but it’s the sun…

starting to set…

behind some leaves…

with a blue sky!!!

Oh my…. I don’t know whats going on lately… I’m at a loss of words the last while, struggling to get words to describe my photos!!! So excuse me… I believe it’s a phase – – – It’ll blow over!!! (No pun intended!!! 🙂 )

I’m glad you still stick around in spite thereof… 😉 Thanks thanks thanks!!! 😀 **

Sunset manipulation…

So, I don’t know what the rules are of posting befores vs afters??? But I wanted to share one of mine with you (to get advise and input etc.) – – – seeing that I am seriously wanting to learn and improve on the little knowledge I have of photography and editing.

I took this photo on 24 December 2010 at my mom’s home at Hartbeespoort Dam (South Africa), the sky/sunset was just to beautiful to resist – – – I mean… we all love sunsets don’t we? I really actually love the photo without the editing, but today I had a sudden itch to see what more I can do with the photo. I am a fan of editing (even the most wrong photo can be turned into a right with the right editing), but when it comes to my own photographs, I try to get the original photo as near to perfect (to me) as I can. It’s a challenge with no filters and only a 18-55mm standard lens, but I enjoy learning.

I adjusted the levels slightly and the colour balance to get a dramatic looking sky. Here are the results:

Without edit ~ ISO 200 ~ f/4 ~ 1/2000 sec ~ 25mm ~

The After - - - With a little bit of photoshop!!!

What do you think?? **

Oia, here I come… One day!!!!

I should be working…. But instead I am looking at pictures of faraway places…. wishing I could be there — and hoping that no-one would sneak up behind me and see that instead of designing & detailing my projects, I’m browsing the internet… Oops!!! 😉

Came across this beautiful picture (on StumbleUpon). It is a big dream of me to visit the Greek Islands – – – I plan to get married there someday!!! (… someday!!!) But isn’t this picture just indescribably dreamy?

Magical Sunset

There is something magical about a sunset. Quiet, nostalgic, emotional… far away — but so close!! I have never really captured a good sunset – this photograph is my favourite of the ones I’ve tried…

—Will never forget the way I felt—

ISO 100 -- f/10.0 -- 55mm -- 1/200 sec