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Tower of Terror…

Last weekend we enjoyed a laid-back Sunday at the Gold Reef City Theme Park!!! We bought our groupon vouchers & had a very enjoyable day at the theme park!! 🙂 I did understand why they had the special on though – seeing that it is winter, a lot of the rides were not open… I suppose maintenance is probably important at places like this… 😉

Well, over the next couple of days I’ll share a few of the photos I took… First off: Tower of Terror (closed due maintenance!!) 😦 Although I would NEVER go on such an extreme ride… – it features a 50m, 90­° drop and a positive g-force of 6.3G !!! A whole lot of craziness!!! 😀

Tower of Terror!!!

If you google it, you get quite a lot of videos & links to this rollercoaster!!! Extraodinary engineering in these rides… I was amazed all day!!! 🙂 **