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When Nature & Technology runs parallel!!!

I’ve got another shot from below that I want to share with you!! A telephone line and a …. tree!!! I wanted to get your opinion on which one you like more…. but, I think I know which will get preference – – – Everyone’s comments was similar with the previous similar post!!! 😀 Here is what I think you all would like more… (I like it more this time round as well!!!) 🙂 **

Any suggestions/comments/opinions?? Or… if you want you can just say ‘Hi!!’ 😉 **

To put a little colour into the post… here is the colour version as well!!! Because it is only a blue background… there is a bigger contrast (& leaves a bigger impression) in black&white – – – I think!! 🙂

Ghost Tree…

The sprinkler was on in our little park at my house & I had an idea of something I wanted to try!!! I think the sun was still to high because I shot a few of these from different angles and in different settings… but not one worked!!!! So I took one, changed it to b/w and I quite liked the feel (&look) of it… looks ghostly in a way!!!

Also, I’m playing around with watermarks & my initial on my photographs (if you’ve been following my blog you will have realized that it have changed a few times!! I do not know what the protocol (or ‘rules’) are that involves watermarks – – – should it be all initials, full name, the size etc. – – – so any advice will be appreciated??

Let me know what you think…


Cotton-ball tree!!!

When I shot this picture, my camera was set to monochrome… But, little did I realize that my camera was set to RAW setting!!! When I downloaded the pictures onto my computer I found that it was in colour (I am not quite sure about RAW yet… also not the possibilities that RAW presents), but I must say that I ended up having fun with it! I decided to post both my colour and black and white photo to get some feedback…

I call it a cotton-ball tree – – – but it is indeed not a cotton-ball tree!!! It is little bunches of white flowers that looks (to me) like cotton-balls in a tree!!! If I could, I would share more info on the type of tree etc. But I don’t have the knowledge… & that is not what my blog is about… so back to the pics:

- - - My B/W attempt!!! Any suggestions??? - - -

- - - My colour attempt!!! I definitely am a colour!!! - - -

Which do you prefer?? Any suggestions or advice (even criticism) welcome!! 😀 **

Sun soaking in Sodwana

In April we had a little time to get away for a few days… We decided to join a few friends and go camping at Sodwana Bay. It was only for a few days, but it was relaxing as ever! Me and he-who-thinks-he’s-boss kept ourselves busy by lazing on the beach… running up and down the dunes… swimming in the ocean… reading magazines under the umbrella… you get the idea…

Buzzing by trees on the way to Sodwana - Have adjusted the levels a little as the photo was taken through the car window.

Sodwana is the only place in South Africa where you are allowed with your vehicle on the beach. Personally, to me this spoils the feeling and atmosphere of the beach. Nevertheless, we had a fun time!!!

Jumping of dunes

Wind waves on sand

In front of the lens (Say what?)

Due credit for the photo above… it wasn’t me – – – but he-who-thinks-he’s-boss – – – (my other half actually takes very good Black&White photos!! Some of them will be popping up on my blog every now and again!!)

The trees grow in the direction the wind blows them

Hope you enjoyed this post and photographs!! 🙂

Till next time!! **

Some weekend pics

Today was a very laid-back day. Me and he-who-think-he’s-boss went to the autofair, bought a dishwasher (Yaaaaayyyy!!! 😀 — very happy face!) and are now chilling in front of the tele — a favourite to relax!

Fortunately I shot some pics on Friday before going on our getaway! Here are a few that I am pretty pleased with. Any comments/feedback on how to better my photos are more than welcome! I want to learn… &as you can see in my ‘About’, I’m an amateur photographer! — so please feel welcome to give me some pointers!! 🙂

Winter has taken its toll - our lonely postbox!


This is the type of stuff I love to shoot! It is simple & often overlooked in our busy daily lives. It is a challenge to shoot it in a different way or from a different angle. Often my best shot would be the simplest (is there even such a word?). I try to keep manipulation to a minimum (as my photoshop knowledge is very limited), most often my photos are directly from the camera.

Hope you enjoy!