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Christmas with Friends!!!

We started off our weekend with a Christmas dinner with our friends. Lately we haven’t been getting together as much as friends should :(, but nevertheless, we were able to all get together for a very enjoyable evening!!! (with a secret santa event for after dinner – yummy yummy truffles!!!)

My friend bought these HUGE (understatement) crackers for us to “pop”!!! 😀 Inside were all types of games to keep us busy – – – but only for a little while!!! It was super fun catching up with everyone!!! 🙂 After a whole week of hard work… it was even harder staying awake for this very rare get-together!!! Despite having a hard week behind us… we ended up leaving there well after midnight!!!

A few snaps of the evening…

The huge cracker!!!

A fun mini puzzle!!!

Christmas moment!!!

'Twas a serious moment!!!

Secret Santa rounds!!!

Candid moment!!!

I can not remember what this was about...

There are also a few admin situations that I would like to make you aware of…

  1. As you have probably taken note of – – – I’ve rearranged the layout of my blog quite a bit!!! So, if you are looking for recent posts, archives etc., these are at the bottom of my blog…
  2. I have also added a blogrol to my blog – – – It is only a few (of the many) of my favourite blogs, I will be expanding it as I have more time!!! 🙂 But for now – – – please have a look at these blogs – – – you might find that you also want to follow these blogs more regularly!!! 😀
  3. I have to award some Versatile blogger awards, as well as Liebster awards… I have NO idea which of the blogs that I am following has less than 200 followers (which is a criteria for the Liebster award), so if you would like me to take your blog into consideration for this award, please just drop me a comment with the amount of followers that you have (or just state that you comply)!!! You will be helping me out a lot!!! 🙂

So, keep in touch for links to fabulous blogs & some more random posts from me!!! 😀 Drop me a comment for your thoughts, hello’s & most importantly amount of followers (if less than 200)… 😀 **