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Depart: Stellenbosch; Arrive: Glentana – Part.8

We spent a beautiful day on the beach….. 😀 It was super windy (which I dislike), but the heat was soooooo intense, I think we would have suffered without that muscled breeze!!!

Enjoying our lazy day on the beach…
Doing our “flexi-toes” !!! 🙂

Without realizing it, we spent a good 4 hours of doing sudoku, reading our books & lazing under our umbrellas!!! It was pure bliss!!! 🙂 This was our last day in Stellenbosch… & it was a beautiful one!!! 😀

The next morning we set out to meet up with our friends in Glentana… we were super excited to spend the next couple of days of doing nothing, spending hours on the beach & having a good time!!!

On route, we decided to stop at Lourensford Wine Farm for a breakfast (to early to do the “wine-thing” 😉 )… It is one of my favourite wineries ever…. it is wonderfully beautiful!!!!

It did not disappoint…. & He-who-thinks-he’s-boss felt a pang of regret that we did not visit here sooner…. (I told him so 😉 )… but nevertheless, we had a great breakfast on a stunning farm!!!! 😀

Lourensford Tasting Room Entrance
Our breakfast spot…

From here we set out on our 5 hour drive to Glentana… 🙂 I forgot to add that we scorched ourselves on the beach the day before…. so bad that we had to put towels over our legs to protect it from the sun…. It was Ouchie!!!! 😀

Our “towel protection”…

 We arrived in Glentana… super stoked…. a few hours later…. We had a great day catching up with our friends… Enjoying the feeling of complete relaxation!!!!

My beautiful rose from HWTHB!!! 🙂

The next day was Christmas day…. & true to our beautiful South Africa, the day was sunny, warm & inviting!!!! We spent the entire morning (and most of the afternoon) playing games on the beach, reading, sleeping & just generally being…. 🙂

Setting up our Gazebo…
After beach mode…

Also true to Christmas day in South Africa…. later in the afternoon it started raining… Oh my, how I love this gorgeous day!!! 😀

The guys preparing Christmas dinner in the rain… 🙂
The girls setting up the table & preparing other dishes…

 We had a fantastic dinner…. great friends… awesome conversation…. yummy yummy food!!!! Interesting fact for the evening… we did not leave the dinner table until well after 24h00… we played card games, drank wine & had a great time!!!! 😀

Great wines…
Playing card games until the wee hours of the night…

What an unforgettable evening/day… it was spent with truly fantastic people!!! Can’t wait to do it again!!! 😀 **

Exploring the Winelands – Part.5

You can’t have a visit to the cape without visiting the Winelands!!! There are enormous amounts to choose from, so you really need to have an idea of which ones you want to visit!!! (May I just add that we LOVE wine!!! Red red wine it makes me feel so fine… 😉 )!!! So granted, I haven’t tasted wines from many countries, but I really think that we have superb wines in South Africa!!! In which case I consider us lucky!!! 😀

He-who-thinks-he’s-boss claims that Delheim is his favourite winery of all time (which is awesome btw!!), so naturally, Delheim was a must on our list. He also chose Kanonkop. My choices were Fairview & Lourensford (of which the latter was a bit off track from our chosen route). Don’t worry, I will describe these farms as I go along & add links if you would like to see more… 😉

 Our first stop was Delheim. As it was still too early to quite start drinking wine, we went to the restaurant and had a yummy brunch!!! – – – suuuuuuuper expensive though – – – This was our view from our table… Pretty gooooood right??

View from our table!!! Gorgeous!!!

This really is a beautiful winery & if you ever get the chance to visit, leave Delheim for your last stop… you know what they say: best for last!!! 😉 After our delicious foodies we were ready to tackle our first wine tasting. As we entered the cellars, we were drawn to the back of the area where they kept their wines… – – – Just want to say that I took all these photos with my little snapper – – – who wants to carry a big SLR around the whole day?? For a while we roamed around there… started chatting to one of the girls that work on the farm & soon learned a lot of the farm, its history & its wines…

Isn't this how a cellar should look like??

See my comments on this wine below!!!

We took our seats at a vacant table and started browsing the wines that we could choose from to taste… Immediately we started with their flagships – – – bad idea – – – because we ended up walking out of there with 3 of their flagship wines: the 2007 Vera Cruz Shiraz (which we compared to their normal 2007 Shiraz… let’s just say that compared to the flagship, I can’t believe they sell 😀 ), the 2007 Grand Reserve (which is a 95% cabernet, 5% merlot blend) & the 2010 Chardonnay Sur Lee!!! We are usually not big white wine drinkers, but this Chardonnay was something from another world… According to our informant (;)) all these wines can be shelved for another 4-5 years (at which point they will be at their best!!!) I can’t wait to open these bottles in a few years… 😀

Wine tasting list!!!

Upon leaving the cellar you walk past this: a window with spider webs that is as old as 35 years!!! Sooooo cool!!! This is their piece of preservance, a window that have not been cleaned in 35 years!!! Delheim has so much character!!!

Last views of Delheim!!!

 Our next stop was Kanonkop. We were utterly disappointed!! 😦 It was sooooo commercialized (unfortunately many of these wine farms are…)!!! You went into a really fancy area, stood (yes, that’s right, you can’t even sit) & tasted wine & then you would buy – or not… We didn’t buy… after Delheim their wines was – how can I put this nicely – way to dry for our taste?? 😉 The only cool thing about Kanonkop was this white “couch” – – – He-who-thinks-he’s-boss claims it is extremely uncomfortable – – – I never sat on it!!! 😀

Kanonkop couch!!!

 We then stopped at quite a few farms on the way… Warwick – commercialized, Simonsig – commercialized, & a few other of which I can’t even recall the names… At this point we were craving an attractive cheese platter… Now, where can we go that we can get wine & cheese?? … Que Fairview… 😉

I have mentioned that I am a huge fan of pretty much ANY cheese…. blue, yellow, sweet, spicy, old, soft, hard, goats, cow… you name it… if it’s cheese – I’ll eat it!!! 😀 That is the main reason why Fairview is one of my favourite wine farms to visit – It caters for my cheesy side!!! Although also (just) slightly commercialized, it has such a wide variety of cheese that you can taste, eat & buy for very very cheap… – – – My kind of place – – – 😀 & it is a very very truly beautiful farm!!! 😉

Our cheese platter - view 1!!!

One of their goats sneaking a peek at us!!!

Cheese Platter - view 2!!!

A piece of garden in the shape of our flag - how cool is that??

In relaxed mood...

Goat scratching against the wall!!!

Cheese Platter - done!!!

South African garden!!!

Ending our day on a cheesy note!!!

He-who-thinks-he’s-boss ate so much cheese that until today (which is a month later), he still do not want to eat cheese… He did not feel good – – – not feel good at all – – – 😉 I for one, can’t comprehend how that is possible… but nevertheless!!! 😀

 That excursion took the whole day (unfortunately) & we did not have enough time in the day to visit Lourensford as well… But I will tell you more of this winery on another days story!!! 🙂

This will be all for Exploring the Winelands!!! Stay tuned for the next part (Part.6) of our holiday!!! Thank you for reading & have a lovely evening!!! 🙂 **

Wonderful Weather &White…

. . . F L O W E R S ! ! ! 😀 **

Yesterday was crazy!! I worked crazy hard… & we had our year-end function last night (why would they do it in October? End of year is December… who on earth is going to have the motivation to work hard for another two months?? – – – crazy! ) 🙂 It was super fun though…. not as fun today!! & I only had two (big) glasses of wine!!! Does this mean I’m getting old?? oi oi oi!!! 😉

As mentioned in the title…. very beautiful day today… not to hot – not to cold – with a slight breeze!! We went to the Boere Mark this morning!! Always pleasurable!! (a few photographs will soon be posted!!) But for now… flowers to fit the weather… 🙂 Hope you have a wonderful weekend!! **