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Women from my garden!!!

No, this is not picture from the very romantic Rome or Vienna or anything of the sorts… It is a (very) random piece of art – – – for lack of a better word… sculpture? no…. – – – from our garden wall!!!

Three very beautiful women!!! Seems so out of place here… hardly noticed by anyone… Silent – – – & artfully mysterious!!! 🙂 **

For the love of flowers…

I will definitely post a picture (when I get to take one) where the flower is open!!!! It reminds me of spain… – – – not that I’ve been there before – – – it just seems like the kind of flower that the spanish women wear in their hair as the ultimate highlight!!!! Difficult to describe… &reading this, I know you are NOT getting the picture that I’m trying to paint – – – especially with the flower being closed in stead of open!!!! Oi… 😉 **

I’ll just have to post an open flower pic then… 🙂 **