Frustrated Traveler.

Thirsty Traveler.

Each day I add to my list of ‘to be visited’ places… Each day I wish I had more time and money to be able to do this… I have been extremely fortunate to see quite a few cities around the world already, each time with different people that I love dearly! (what is the point of experiencing something like this alone?)

Please have a look at my collection of Travel Photos by hovering over the ‘Travel‘ tab in the menu above!! Drop me a comment and share your adventures!!

To many more travels…

12 thoughts on “Travel

  1. fotoeins

    I agree with @ashkitty – it’s a great idea to motivate further thoughts about travel and photography. I hope you’re able to get back out there in the world as soon as possible!

  2. Shiv

    Awww I totally understand your frustration. I was there a few years ago but then I decided to quit my job and make travel my life. No regrets so far 🙂 But I know that’s not practical for everyone. I hope you are able to escape for a bit soon and continue to find inspiration in the meantime.

  3. Samuel Snoek-Brown

    Loving all these photos! My wife and I lived in Abu Dhabi for a few years and visited friends in Dubai all the time, and from UAE it was really easy to visit Europe, so we travelled in Vienna (also one of our favorite cities!) and the Netherlands (my family’s homeland!) — your photos bring back memories for me. I want to visit France and England, too (we’ve been to Scotland — my other homeland — but not England).

    Looking forward to more photos, and here’s hoping you get to travel abroad sometime in 2012!

    1. Xandré Verkes Post author

      Thank you so much Samuel!!! You are very fortunate to have been able to travel so easily while living in the UAE!!! As you can see, I’ve only been for short visits, but every second was worth it & left me wanting more!!! I am soooooo glad that you are enjoying the photos!!! I encourage you to visit France & England….. It is breathtakingly beautiful…. Sooooo overwhelming!!!! Thanks for the good wishes!! 🙂 **

  4. Bob

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, heroesnotzombies. You’ll see lots of photos and entries there from my triad of countries I feel so connected to – Scotland, France and Japan. But you might also notice I spent Christmas in SA with ex-Pretoria friends who are now happily settled into Capetown. What a SPECTACULAR place.
    Thanks for posting your gorgeous photos – I really liked your Christmas trip entry!


    1. Xandré Verkes Post author

      Wow Bob!!!! I’ll definitely take more time to browse your blog… seems to me I’ll be liking it a lot!!! THank you so much for your kind comment & for stopping by!!! 🙂 **

  5. Bhaven

    You seem to have travelled a lot of Europe, thats fantastic, all the best on your travels and travails:). And thanks for dropping by my blog ( Let me know if you plan to visit India:).


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