What to do the day after you’ve turned 25…

Of course the answer is simple…

1. Go on a 1day course presented by SAICE (South African Institute of Civil Engineers) about the designing of steel structures according to the SANS code – fun! 😀

2. Ride the Gautrain 🙂

3. Take photographs with your new camera!! – – – of course 😀 – – –

First of all : Thanks for all the birthday wishes & happy thoughts!!! I do appreciate every single one of them!!! 🙂 I am very much looking forward to the year ahead!!

‘Twas soooooo much fun having a small, unnoticed & silent camera today!!! I created 3 mini summaries of the photos I took with my small snapper today!!! 😀 I hope you enjoy them… It covers my day pretty well!!!

My drawing of an infinitely long steel I-section 🙂 ; my red steel textbook; the equations that made my eyes VERY sleepy (who gives you these stuff directly after a huge meal??) 🙂 & the view from my desk!!!

While waiting for the train to arrive at the Midrand Station!!!

My shadow portrait 🙂 and a few pretty flowers!!!

Hope you all had a great day!!! I doubt my day tomorrow will be as much fun as today (reeeeeeally do not want to go and sit in the office tomorrow 😦 )… but at least I had today!!! 😀 Thanks for checking in!!! **

9 thoughts on “What to do the day after you’ve turned 25…

  1. SL Schildan

    Happy Birthday a day (or two, you being on the other side of the world) late. I loved the pictures of your birthday and you were both fully clothed in your “birthday suits,” right?

    New cameras are awesome. The photos you took show great versatility by the photographer.

    I have a little “snapper” my Nikon pocket camera. My multi-lensed Canon is awesome and a must on photo expeditions, but for simple fun…my Nikon…it even takes movies.

    Friday I did a “through the car window” as hubs drove and we went from our SW suburb down the freeway and across the river in Portland. It’s a fun showcase of lots of different things from a moving car. I will share that tonight.

    Your posts are fun tidbits of life on the opposite side both N-S and E-W of the globe.

  2. Mike10613

    Hi Xandre,

    Interesting photographs. Your next birthday with a big zero on the end will be a milestone! I’m still waiting to see if I have won the Photographic contest with my picture, but at least it will be displayed and I’m in the final! I’ve used that photograph for today’s blog and compared summer photographs to my autumn ones.

  3. Verena Fischer

    Happy belated birthday! I had a list of things to do before my 25th birthday … I was supposed to finally watch Alien, get a tattoo and do some stuff I won’t admit to in public 😉 I got the tattoo, but I was too much of a wuss to make it through Alien. Got too scared by the android! I hope you’ve done everything what you wanted to do before the big day 🙂 Nice pictures too!

  4. Heidi

    I like your site. The shadow shot is remarkable! enter your work in as many contests as you can, it may be just for fun but it is also a natrual talent you seem to use and possess poeticaly. thanks for visiting with me. -Heidi


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